Here are some of the review's dave's album "elevators" has been receiving.

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Last time I heard King, he was playing drums for The Cloudsmen, an edgy pop band reminiscent of XTC. Elevators sees King take the plunge as a solo artist and I'm glad to report that the signs are promising. Sporting a stripped down veneer and a sound that combines nods to Pink Floyd, 10cc, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney, Elevators is a pleasant surprise. For fans of well-written songs and substance over form, Dave King has produced a real winner here.

Taken from View magazine
"A heady amalgam of the soundtrack of his upbringing with a present day nod, King's Elevator is a heartfelt, lush masterpiece that might make you think of Brian Wilson or Paul McCartney."

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Dave King is the leader of the excellent Canadian band The Cloudsmen, who have been super-faves for many here for the last two years(check out their album on this site now!). This is his solo debut and highly textured, heart-swelling exploration in the vein of solo outings from Neil Finn and more recent Squeeze. In fact, if you have been enjoying the works of these two artists, we can pretty much guarantee you are going to seriously enjoy(possibly love) this one! Other colorings of note would be those poppy-driven tracks on the last few Wilco records as a quite a few remind us of those tracks. Ron Sexsmith, Elliot Smith(w/o the depression), Freedy Johnston and the production clarity from a Mitchell Froom project all, also, come to mind. " a heartfelt, lush masterpiece that might make you think of brian wilson or paul mccartney". the spectator reports of elevators " these are great songs, superbly produced with an acoustic Pink Floyd feel"-View Magazine. Actually, that Pink Floyd comment hits as being accurate, too. A vividly sculpted work of music art, sublime but wholly accessible marvel along with. Extremely Highly Recommended!

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Graham Rockingham reports of elevators, "these are great songs, superbly produced with an acoustic Pink Floyd feel"

Taken from Aargauer Zeitung (Swiss National Newspaper)
The CD of Dave Kings Band the Cloudsmen from 2003 was a "pop jewel" in the middle of mediocrity. Inspired by the Beatles, Ben Folds, Jason Falkner the Cloudsmen brought live back into Pop. The Solo Debut of Dave King follows this quality. The 9 songs of "Elevators" are maybe a hint more thoughtful. Dave King has still the same feeling for big Pop songs who not only flatter the sense of harmony but also the intellect. If Pink Floyd would have made an album with the Beatles and Crowded House it wouldn't had sound better than Dave Kings "elevators". Pop at is best.