January 20th, 2016

We have recently had the pleasure/privilege of putting together a video for our tune 'Spinning Rose' with our new friend Mitch Markowitz. Mitch is the only surviving cast member and was an associate producer of the longest running show of it's kind in Canadian television history, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. As on homage, we used some classic Wolfman footage from the old show with a recently filmed clip of Mitch as well as a super voice over job done by the inimitable Richard Michael Hind. The results can be seen below:

You can also check out our new video for 'Mariontette' which can be seen here:

We hope to be playing some material from the our new album 'Hold' live later this spring. More to come on that later. In the meantime, please enjoy these videos and here's wishing you all the best for the coming year. With warmest regards and much love, The Heavy Dream!

September 23rd, 2015

Click below to check out the new lyric video for the first single from "Hold" - I've Loved Everything


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Hello folks, we hope this finds you well and in the process of celebrating our long awaited springtime weather. It's been awhile since our last transmission but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! We are now set to release our new album "Hold" on two hundred gram audiophile vinyl. We've been reading a lot from the industry about how the album format is a thing of the past but we beg to differ. We still very much enjoy opening up the gatefold of an LP to check out the photos, lyrics and details from this moment in time and we're hopeful that you feel the same and might want to take some time out of your busy schedule to spin a side or two of this latest effort.

 A lot of tender loving care went into the writing and recording of this album which was done in Caistor Centre and Toronto, Ontario, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee and London England. We ended our journey in London where we mastered the finished mixes with the lovely and talented Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios. Before leaving England, we headed up to Liverpool where Pat Sansone snapped a photo of the ceiling at the infamous Casbah Coffee Club, the "true" birthplace of the Beatles.The painting was done by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Rory and Pete Best. Big thank you to Roag Best who was kind enough to give us permission to use the photo and the fate of our album cover artwork was decided.

 To order the new 200 gram vinyl LP (includes digital download card), click here.

 "Hold" features the talents of Patrick Sansone and James "Hags" Haggerty (members of Wilco/The Autumn Defense) and mixer Joshua Shapera (The Flaming Lips, Michael Jackson). The album was produced and written by Dave King and Paul Linklater and includes 13 original songs.

 We hope you enjoy this latest offering and we look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest regards, The Heavy Dream

July 1st, 2013


Hope everyone had a good Canada Day!  Although one or two of you reading this may not be Canadian, the sentiment goes out to you all the same. 

Just returned from playing the Montreal Jazz Fest with Steve Strongman.  It’s always a pleasure playing in Montreal as it is such a beautiful city.  We are gearing up once again to play in another lovely Quebec spot in Mont Tremblant.  It’s a great festival and always a blast to play.  You can check for details.

Speaking of great festivals, it was once again an honour to join the Autumn Defense at this year’s Solid Sound Festival at Mass Moca in North Adams.  The Wilco folks always do a wonderful job of curating and this year was no exception.  Great vibes with super entertainment.  The new Autumn Defense record is finished and sounds fantastic.  Watch for it and other updates at

And further on the entertainment front we have just completed our latest and last video for The Heavy Dream’s Under The Golden Sun record with the title track being featured.  A good time was had by all working on the video and will hopefully solicit a laugh or two from you, the potential viewer.  The video was produced by the inimitable Richard Michael Hind the II (aka Uncle Rick) and the elusive T Dimmings.  This is the first release from the new production company that call themselves The Russian National Skateboarding Team. More to follow.

The Heavy Dream are still in writing/pre production mode with recording to start in mid July.  As previously promised the new “single” is to follow shortly thereafter.

Thanks kindly in advance for checking out the latest here from Camp Heavy Dream and we hope this finds you all happy & healthy.

All the best!


December 22nd, 2012

Photo courtesy of Terrence Kramer

   Well folks, here we are again with another year coming to a close. 2012 seemed to be a heavy one for loss of loved ones and health challenges at the old ranch yet hope springs eternal. Many things to be grateful and thankful for. Musically speaking, although it was a quiet year for The Heavy Dream, much joy was had playing drums at numerous shows with my good pal Steve Strongman and some recent great fun with one of my favourite bands, The Autumn Defense. You would have to search far and wide to find a more talented bunch of fellows and they just happen to be wonderful friends to boot. Look for a new Autumn Defense album set for release early next year.
    On the production front, we are in full swing with the newest Sandman Viper Command offerings. The lads are writing some great new material which we expect to be releasing early next year. Recording has been a blast.
    Although it has been a while since The Heavy Dream has been active, I'm pleased to announce we have peered into the old inspiration tank and there are new things a brewing. Firstly, we are releasing our new single "Chasing Dreams" with a cinematic video produced and directed by the one and only Mr. Terrence (dimension malfunction) Kramer. Terrence has really outdone himself on this one and we are excited to be sharing the video with y'all which will be dropping with the single on January 21st. We will be sending out a gentle reminder just prior to the video release. I am also pleased to announce work has begun on the follow up to "Under The Golden Sun" with many special guests planned for the upcoming sessions. Writing is currently taking place and sessions have been booked commencing in January so we'll keep you abreast of developments. There are even threats of getting out to do some live shows in late spring of 2013.
    Looking forward to new year with the hopes we will be seeing many of you at some of the events we have planned or at least for a cup of tea even. All the best and much love to everyone and we hope this finds you happy and healthy!  
  P.S. Just in case you haven't heard enough Christmas music this year!! - Once again we are unearthing this humble track. If you are up for it, please click here to listen to "Best Christmas Yet" recorded a few years back for a Valleyfield Studio holiday compilation with Team Andrew. "It's only once a year...."

December 2nd, 2011


Hello folks! Here we are again - It's December and snow is hitting the ground on this first day of. Lots going on here in the world of The Heavy Dream. I'm happy to announce our 1st run of cd release shows in Southern Ontario. The St. Catharines show was a blast and we have some follow up with Sunday December 4th at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton. Very special guests include the lovely and talented Dave Hind and Colleen Hixenbaugh. Colleen will also be joining us in Toronto on Wednesday December 7th at The Dakota. Both shows are early one's with doors at 7pm show at 7:30. I'll also be doing The Heavy Dream solo set in London, Ontario on Thursday December 15th at The Brass, with the show starting at 9pm.

We have been very lucky in receiving support from both CBC and college radio across the country. Thank you kindly to everyone who has been playing the record! Big thanks to Indoor Shoes, Sonic Unyon, Auteur Research and Lydia Parry for helping get the word out.

On the recording front, I'll be tracking some of the new Steve Strongman acoustic record with Alec Fraser on bass and Rob Szabo producing. There are also some yuletide shows coming up with Rob and Steve with details at

Thanks for tuning in folks and I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Here's to a great new year and I hope to see you all sometime, somewhere soon.

Mucho amore, dk

September 12th, 2011


Cult Leader photo by Joseph Marranca

Happy fall greetings to all! As this new season approaches, I am pleased to announce with it comes the release of "Under the Golden Sun" from my latest musical venture "The Heavy Dream". The recording took just over a year to complete and features 11 original songs. On this album, I was extremely fortunate to have with me some of my favourite musicians who just happen to be some of my favourite people as well! Included in this cast are Pat Sansone (The Autumn Defense/Wilco), Paul Linklater (The Pinecones, Paul and Colleen) and James Strachan (Poppyseed and the Love Explosion Orchestra). Their contributions to the record are immeasurable and having them on board was an absolute blast.

I'm also pleased to announce my latest collaboration with a new label "Indoor Shoes" which hails from my backyard in St. Catharines, Ontario. "Under the Golden Sun" is the first full length release from the label. It's great to be involved with a new, vibrant company with lots of enthusiasm and cool ideas. Many more releases pending from this camp so stay tuned to

In other news, the short film featuring the works of Dave Hind can now be viewed here. It's approximately 7 minutes in length and showcases many of Dave's unique and amazing talents. Many thanks go to Terrence Kramer for going the extra mile on this one.

On the recording/ playing front, I have had the the great privilege of working with an extremely diverse group of artists this summer. A highlight was playing with The Autumn Defense at the Wilco curated, Solid Sound festival at Mass MoCA in North Adams, MA. Wonderful group of people participating and an amazing space if you ever get the chance to visit. Shows are year round and the place is a must see. Other highlights include festival shows with Steve Strongman in Europe, recording for the new Colleen and Paul record, playing drums on a new song from Jocelyn Lanois, drumming on the new release from "Gorilla Girl" produced by Ron Sexsmith and just generally having a swinging time overall!

I hope this finds you happy and healthy and thanks for your continued support and interest.

Cheers and all the best, dk

March 26th, 2011


Photos by Joseph Marranca

Hello there folks and happy almost spring to all y'all! Seems like this winter has been hanging on for quite awhile and doesn't want to leave just yet. I'm very happy to report I've just returned from Austin, Texas. I played drums for some shows at SXSW with my good friends The Autumn Defense. If you are not aquainted with them, please check out Great band with some great recordings which are all available on their site. Lovely chaps to boot.

On the home front, i recently had a visit to the barn from a photographer friend from Toronto in the shape of one Joe Marranca. Joe was kind enough to take a few shots, some of which are included here. you can see some of his work at

We are still chipping away at the short Dave Hind film (the film is short-Dave is not) currently titled "It's a Scorpiotron". Terrence Kramer and I are just putting the finishing touches together and it should be finished up before too long. It's kind of an overview of Dave's work some of which can also be seen at

Speaking of Terrence, he is also in the midst of shooting the video for the first single for the new album from "The Heavy Dream". We are in the last stages of recording and will be mixing in New York with Roman Klun in early spring. Much more news to come on the record and new website shortly. It's been an extremely enjoyable experience making this record and i look forward to sharing the results with you all soon.

The latest addition to Barn Window Studio has literally been an addition! We have just completed work on an isolation booth which looks something like or even exactly like this.

The production team on this one included Gord (i can do it) Gould who was chiefly responsible for design/construction. Ron (smooth walls) Taylor and Connor the con man (more chocolate!) Gould were also on hand making things swing. Big thanks to the crew!

I hope this finds everyone well and I hope to see you live and in person at some point soon.

All the best and warmest regards, Dave

December 24th, 2010


well folks, here we are at the end of another year and this one really seemed to fly by! there were a lot of 1sts for me in 2010 which is quite nice for a person of such an advanced age. i produced and directed my first dvd with the release of  steve strongman's "live at the barn." i also mixed the audio companion piece as well. roman klun's recording of the show made the job that much easier. i also performed in mexico for a festival/tv show with steve and colin lapsley. some of the most fun i've had in awhile was acting in terrence kramer's new film tentatively titled "death force." just a wee part playing a deranged fisherman. the fisherman part was a bit of a stretch but the deranged angle was easy! this year also saw the debut of my newest musical endeavour, "the heavy dream". we preformed live at the release show of kori pop's "from the outskirts" record which i had the pleasure of producing. "the heavy dream" album  currently has 10 songs in the cooker with a bunch more on the prep table. many good friends have been helping out with this task which i am very grateful for. a new video will be released in february. much more on this later. lots more came and went but as this is an email and not a novel, we'll leave it at that!

    on the right now front, i'm in the midst of filming and recording a short film at barn window studio featuring the work of the amazing dave hind. i'm just back from new york city after some mixing and recording for "the heavy dream" with roman klun at his studio. more writing, recording and mixing are taking place back on the home front here in canada.

    seeing as how we haven't quite heard enough christmas music yet this year!! i thought i would add to the list with the only christmas tune i think i will ever record. it's only once a year so here it is. feel free to download it and gift it along if you are so inclined.

    you can get the mp3 here:

    here's wishing you and yours tidings of great joy this holiday season (well, year round actually) and all the best for the new year. take care of each other.

mucho amore, dave 

September 19th, 2010

Happy Fall Everybody!

Not long back from Quebec doing a few live shows with Steve Strongman. Always love playing Quebec as the audiences there are fantastic!

The debut of my latest musical venture "The Heavy Dream" is rapidly approaching. For info about the band and for tickets to our debut show on Sunday September 26th at the Westside Concert Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario, please visit

Most recently, I have been in the studio writing and recording for this project. Quite excited (and a little nervous!) about debuting these new tunes live on stage singing lead vocals and playing guitar. It's been a couple of years since I last performed like this live so wish us luck!

Many thanks to Steve Kerr, Elizabeth Kaye, Ralph Michelli, Steven Foster, John Spence, Graham King, Cory Barnes and Mackenzie Jordan for helping to get things off the ground. Hope to see you at the show or down the line online!

More Heavy Dream shows to be posted shortly.

Cheers folks!